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About Rebecca

I'm a cartoonist, colourist, and youth worker with 7+ years of experience delivering creative workshops. I work on a variety of freelance projects in all aspects of comics production, and I'm passionate about enabling young people to access the arts - especially comics!


I'm Graphic Medicine Project Worker at Comics Youth CIC, a freelancer on the Creative Learning Team at McManus Galleries, and I have a BDes in Animation and an MDes in Comics & Graphic Novels from University of Dundee.



Twitter: @reekus



  • "The Fourth of May" in Reject All. Fred Egg Comics. (Artist)

  • "Mind Over Margins" Comics Youth CIC and Marginal. (Editor, Production)

  • "Planet DIVOC-91" Wowbagger Productions. (Production)

  • "Wrassle Castle: Put a Lyd on It!" Wonderbound and Vault Comics. (Colourist)

  • "Beyond the Margins: Youth in Revolt" Comics Youth CIC and Marginal. (Production)

  • "Dundee Women's Trail: Small Steps for Children & Families"  Leisure & Culture Dundee. (Artist, Co-Production)

  • "Hospi-Tales: A Year of Stories from Alder Hey" Comics Youth CIC and Marginal. (Artist, Editor, Production)

  • "Wrassle Castle: Riders on the Storm" Wonderbound and Vault Comics. (Colourist)


  • "Wrassle Castle: Learning the Ropes" Wonderbound and Vault Comics. (Flatter)

  • "Scales & Scoundrels" TKO Studios. (Flatter)

  • "Consider a Bee" in Booze Ha Ha. Fred Egg Comics. (Artist)

  • "Dental Health Access When Using Drugs" University of Dundee, NHS Fife and Scottish Drugs Forum. (Production)

  • "Looking After My Dental Health" University of Dundee, NHS Fife and Scottish Drugs Forum. (Production)

  • "Looking After My Family's Dental Health" University of Dundee, NHS Fife and Scottish Drugs Forum. (Production)


  • "Alpha: Superheroes Never Give Up" UniVerse (Letterer, Production)

  • "Being Human 2020: New Worlds" UniVerse & Being Human Dundee (Editor, Production, Cover Artist)

  • "Pandemic Tales: Responses to COVID-19 and Lockdown" Dundee Comics Creative Space. (Writer, Artist, Production)

  • "Legion of British Superheroes" Scottish Centre for Comics Studies. (Production)

  • "Drawn From Experience: Moving From Primary School to Secondary School" Dundee Comics Creative Space, Dundee City Council, Leisure & Culture Dundee, University of Abertay (Editor, Production, Writer)

  • "Let's Make Comics" Dundee Comics Creative Space (Writer, Artist, Production)

  • "The Domino Effect" UniVerse (Colourist, Production)

  • "Performance" in Mount a Rescue. Fred Egg Comics. (Artist)



  • When People Die: Stories from Young People" University of Dundee & University of Strathclyde (Artist, Production)

  • Sarararara: Life in the Foreground" Hicks! (Guest Artist)

  • Future Null Infinity" UniVerse (Production)

  • Heart of Steal" Cabal Comics (Colourist)

  • Odd John” UniVerse (Editor, Production)

  • Justice: Collection” Self-published.

  • Understanding Coeliac Disease” Dundee Comics Creative Space & Coeliac UK (Artist, Writer, Production)

  • Time To Shine 2019” Dundee Comics Creative Space & The Rank Foundation (Artist)

  • "The Big Sheep" Dundee Comics Creative Space. (Production)

  • "Frankenstein's Dundee" UniVerse. (Production)

  • "Public Information Comics" Dundee Comics Creative Space. (Production)




  • "Close to the Heart" Dundee Comics Creative Space. (Production)

  • "Chronicle: The Archive and Museum Anthology" University of Dundee. (Production)

  • "Peter Steele" in Dead Singers Society Vol. 4. Good Comics.

  • "Spoiler Warning" in Break the Cake. Fred Egg Comics. (Artist)

  • "The Elephant in the Room" in Let’s Talk About Suicide. Dundee Comics Creative Space. (Artist)

  • The Gift” Dundee Comics Creative Space (Production, Cover Colourist)

  • Retro” UniVerse. (Production)

  • Roots Remain: The Hunt for the Golden State Killer” Retro. UniVerse. (Artist)

  • Frankenstein Begins” UniVerse (Colourist)

  • Thatcher” in We Shall Fight Until We Win. BHP Comics. (Artist)

  • Time To Shine 2018” Dundee Comics Creative Space & The Rank Foundation (Artist)

  • Inkthology” Ink Pot Studio (Writer on "Rain", Colourist on "Stellar", Pin-up Artist, Production)

  • Dundee Decides” Dundee City Council and Dundee Comics Creative Space (Colourist)




  • Saltire: Legend Eternal” Issues #4-#6 Diamondsteel Comics (Colourist)

  • Fibromyalgia & Us” Dundee Comics Creative Space. (Production, Cover Colourist)

  • Justice” Self-published.

  • The Monochrome Kid” Comichaus #9. Comichaus. (Artist)

  • Justice: Intro” Self-published.

  • Your Support, Your Choice” Dundee Carers Centre & Dundee Comics Creative Space. (Production)

  • Joust: An Ivanhoe Tale” Reworking Walter Scott. UniVerse. (Colourist)

  • A Walk in the Park” Sliced Quarterly Vol. 1. Sliced Quarterly. (Artist)

  • The Island of Edward Prendick” Time & Space: An H.G. Wells Anthology. UniVerse. (Artist)

  • DCCS Intern Adventures” Dundee Comics Creative Space.



  • ||\ \/” in Treehouse #9. Treehouse Comic.

  • The Light Thief” Self-published. (Writer, Colourist, Letterer, Production)

  • Sheepy Magna” Self-published. (Artist, Production)

  • Sol” Self-published.

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